The Wayfinder Foundation

Whether displaying stuffed owlbears in its Fairhaven trophy room, running a hostel in Stormreach, or sponsoring jungle expeditions in steaming Xen’drik, the Wayfinder Foundation promotes the hunger for exploration that drives Eberron. Its part philanthropic trust and part professional networking service.


In addition to sponsoring numerous smaller missions, the Wayfinder Foundation organizes two major expeditions per year. The spring expedition always sails for Xen’drik, casting off from Sharn on the fi rst of Dravago to take advantage of the cooler winter months in the southern jungles. The destination of the autumn expedition varies

Membership Rewards

  • Every new member receives a gift: a Bag of Holding with the member and Foundation name written on it.
  • Access to Wayfinder Foundation lounges, bunkrooms and travel lodges at lightning rail stations and airship docking towers.
  • Subscription to the Wayfinder Foundation’s quarterly newsletter, the Rope and Piton, published by the Korranberg Chronicle. A character who reads the Piton picks up explorer tips and survival techniques, and for each issue that a character reads, he can apply a +4 bonus on one skill check.
  • The Foundation also reserves the right to place the words “Wayfinder Foundation explorer” in front of any use of the adventurer’s name in coverage by the Korranberg Chronicle or other journals.
  • The opportunity to sell big-game carcasses to the taxidermists responsible for the trophy room in the Foundation headquarters at Fairhaven. Taxidermists will purchase the body of any magical beast, aberration, or plant creature recovered from the Demon Wastes, the Shadow Marches, Q’barra, or any continent beyond Khorvaire. to support as many Wayfinders as possible, the taxidermists buy only one trophy per year from any Foundation member.
  • Insurance in the event an expedition goes bad. Every adventure sponsored by the Wayfinder Foundation registers a return date with the Conclave in Fairhaven, and the Conclave dispatches a Wayfinder rescue team to investigate should a mission fail to return in time. If the rescue team determines that an expedition has been irrevocably lost, the trustees send 100 gp and a lily bouquet topped with a kieros leaf to each party member’s next of kin.

The Wayfinder Foundation

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