Rowan Arbustus

Rowan Arbustus is a half-elf wizard. He’s quite tall for an half-elf.

He grew up in Varna, on the shores of Lake Galifar in the Eldeen Reaches. Fascinated with the magic displayed by the magebreeders of House Vadalis, Rowan chose to become a wizard and not a druid or a ranger, unlike some of his classmates. It also better suited him as a very smart but not heavily-muscled individual.

Rowan explored the Eldeen Reaches through and through, only avoiding the Gloaming. In his many travels with his siblings (see below), Rowan reached places even the druids seldom reach, deep in the woods. In one such place, they discovered the long-lost Cup of Al’Akbar, a wondrous artifact that once belonged to a revered druid. This cup now rests at the Wardens of the Woods HQ in Greenheart.

In the last war Varna’s defense was abandoned by Aundair and bandits from Karrnath raided the city. Rowan’s family fled towards Greenheart and Rowan joined the Wardens of the Wood forces, taking his magic into a different direction than he first intended. As part of the Wardens forces, Rowan was party to the defeating of the bandit forces and claiming Varna back. His adventures during the war sparked in Rowan the hunger for great adventure – and after the treaty was signed, he continued adventuring, first in the Eldeen Reaches and then elsewhere.

Rowan cherishes his family above all. Although his parents were city merchants, the war made all of their children go in different directions: Rowan’s sister, Elspeth, is a ranger, and Rowan’s brother, Rigel, is a druid – both with the Wardens of the wood.

Enjoys taking long walks in the wilderness, hiking, horseback riding.

Rowan Arbustus

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