Player Loot Rules

1. I’ll make best effort to work based on the DMG’s parcel system

2. If a player wants to create a wishlist it – he can create one at the start of each level.

3. wishlist contain only four items from min-level-range to max-level-range (without any special or artifacts items in it).

4. the wishlist will then be then submitted to Erez which will compile it into one (nameless) big list and email it to the DM.

5. for each item on any given loot, each player will say: Need or Greed or Pass (WoW rulez). if there are more then one player saying Need – they roll for it. if there are no players saying Need and only players saying Greed – they will roll for it.

6. if everyone Passed – then the item can gets sold or d/e for 1/5 its stated market price in the book (an item can never be sold/traded for more then 1/5 market value).

7. the difference between need and greed: need is something your are going to use now on one of your item-slots. greed is something nice-to-have (like an extra wand, a potion) if at some point the greeded item is sold – the gold is split by the party members.

8. artifacts are sentient items (usually attach to the plot) the artifact will most likely select the PC it wants rather then the PC selects it. if two or more PCs are compatible with an artifact then there will be some kind of skill-check to see who is more suited to carry the item, based on the artifact’s definition/needs.

Player Loot Rules

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