Player Characters

1. Wayfinder Rowan Arbustus, Wizard

  • Start Level: 11
  • Select magical items of levels: 10,11,12 plus 9000gp.
  • If you create a wishlist for items: it should include four items of levels 12-15
  • Party should include one defender and one leader

Background notes:

The PCs where selected to the wayfinder because of their background:

  • The PCs already did one successful expedition to Arenal together as Wayfinders members.
  • campaign start year: 998YK, Fairhaven.
  • include description of your looks and gear
  • The PC should explain what earned him the invitation to the Wayfinders.
  • The PC should mention how the Last War effected his life
  • The PC should be loved by at least one power-group in the setting (e.g King Kaius III, Undying Court, House Orien, Storm Lords) and hated by at least two power-groups (e.g Lords of Dust, Swords of Liberty).

The PC should also answer the following questions:

  • Which family members or friends do you hold most dear.
  • What will be your epic destiny (answer both as crunch and as fluff).
  • What places do you wish to visit
  • How did you acquire your trained skills
  • Where do you enjoy hanging on (bedside the Wayfinder gentlemen club).
  • How do you want people to remember you after your death?

Player Characters

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