House Rules

Missing a Session

  • Your PC may follow along with the party as a disembodied entity unable to interact with or otherwise influence events. (It’s a little less realistic, but let’s not forget that we’re playing a game, not living an alternate reality.).
  • DM will replace the player for Need/Greed/Pass rolls.
  • Effects and conditions that include the entire party (loss of healing surges, damage, TPK) will effect an absent PC also at the next session.

Combat Encounter:

  • Combat encounter turns should be caped to 2min, after that the PC initiative is pushed back.

Skill Challenge:

Eberron Setting:

  • Some Rituals are only available to PCs connected to the dragonmarked houses. a PC with a dragonmark can cast one ritual/day from his dragonmark without component cost with a casting time of 1min.


  • There is no XP used, The DM will announce at the end of a session if the party levels-up.


I believe that whatever the players say aloud their characters have just said. So it’s probably inadvisable to shout out “pass the pizza” when sneaking up on a band of orcs. The orcs may not know what a pizza is, but they’ll know how to react to sneaky PCs.

If you really need to say something that you don’t want coming out of your PC’s mouth, start by announcing “Out of character,” then say what you must.

Any necessary speech to the DM is assumed to be out of character. (“I’m going to ready my crossbow.” “I’ll cast Detect Magic on the shop keeper to see if he’s concealing that wand.”)

Extraneous, non-game chatter is discouraged and may have unfortunate consequences for your characters.

House Rules

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